Fake Pandora Charms

Unfortunately due to the popularity there are a large number of websites claiming to be selling genuine Pandora charms, bracelets, necklaces and rings but they are in fact selling fakes.
One of the most obvious ways of spotting websites selling fake Pandora products is the price, the official sites will sell Pandora charms all at the same price as each other as they are not allowed to sell them for less. Also the cheapest you can buy a new Pandora Charm is £15.
Other ways of checking are to look for the letters ALE near to the sterling silver mark (925) or the gold mark (585). The markings ALE were introduced by Per Enevoldsen, they are the initials of his father Algot Enevoldsen. All Pandora products will have this marking.

Below is a list of sites selling fake Pandora products, feel free to add to this:
(and let us know if you think these are not fake sites!)

Pandorascharmnewoutletuks.org – seen on Google via wellbeingindying.org.uk

Discountpandorajewelry.webeden.co.uk – Forwards to a site that is poorly written

pandoracheap.webeben.co.uk – We think this is run by the same people as the site above

Charmsokyes.co.uk - forwards to pandoracharmsuktop.co.uk

Jewelrybigshot.com – Don’t seem to sell Pandora products but ranks on Google for Pandora charms…


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